Escape Reality & Go Incognito with TopFoxx’s Newest Drop

Escape Reality & Go Incognito with TopFoxx’s Newest Drop

Incognito Designer Sunglasses

We all talk about standing out from the crowd, but what about those days when we want to hide away? When that social anxiety kicks in, but TikTok binging in bed just isn’t an option, TopFoxx has your back! Go out into the world armored by confidence and embrace Incognito mode with these oversized designer square aviators designed to give you all the protection you need.

TopFoxx - Oversized Black Sunglasses - Incognito Sunnies

Are Oversized Sunglasses in?

Large frames are in - because engaging with people is sometimes just very out - and protecting ourselves is the motto of 2022. So how do these Incognitos offer protection?

Oversized sunnies are designed to give extra protection from the sun's strong rays, so even with summertime ferocity, the sensitive skin around your eyes is kept safe from sunburn, UV rays, and unwanted wrinkles. These sunnies were designed in materials derived from Castor Beans, called Rilsan, so as a plant-based accessory you’re not just protecting yourself, but protecting our planet too. It’s a win-win!

Best Summer Sunnies

Now launching in Black and Lavender with marble-designed arms, the Incognito’s are the perfect addition to any outfit, whether you're looking to say “proceed with caution” in an all-black fit, or add a pop of color with one of this season's hottest color trends. Don’t sleep on one of this year’s best summertime sunnies, calling back the retro style adorned by some of our all-time fave fashion icons.

TopFoxx Sunglasses

Don’t let eye-contact anxiety keep you home - Go Incognito this summer instead, with TopFoxx.

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