Ivy Luxe Womens Aviators

Ivy Luxe Womens Aviators

Oversized Aviators & The Foxxy Look  

Ivy Luxe, the newest aviator to hit the TopFoxx collection is arguably the best aviator on the market right now. This unique spin on the aviator look is flattering to all face shapes and fits you the way sunglasses should. These aviators were designed to fit every face shape and hand-assembled with high quality, sustainable materials making them a one-of-a-kind pair styled after a timeless look.

What makes the Ivy Luxe The best Oversized Aviator Sunglasses?

These sunglasses have uniquely crafted details around the rim of the frame giving depth and a pop of excitement to the style. The sunglasses are plant-based making the frames entirely sustainable, made from Castor Beans - sunglasses made from the Earth on a sustainable mission to save the Earth, what could be better? The oversized frames have been continuously called as a trendy and fashion-forward look which can be seen on some of our most fashionable icons - the Kardashian style oversized sunnies are here to stay. For the extra incognito feel, the oversized look also offers extra protection around your delicate eyes, helping to prevent wrinkles and crow's feet - it’s no wonder it’s a Kardashian family favorite.

Ivy Luxe Aviators with no Nose pads. No More Messy Hair

The most unique feature of this particular style is the fused nose-pads, which while standard in many frames are not a typical feature of an aviator. This special styling means these sunglasses do not catch or get tangled in your hair when you wear them on top of your head. No more messy hair or tangling, just a beautiful accessory to compliment your face however you wear them.

Best Quality Sunglasses, with Ivy Luxu you don't have to Break the Bank

These sunglasses come in four fabulous colors - Ruby, Olive, Yellow Tortoise and Black, so you can find a style to match any mood, outfit or season. As a sustainable and fashionable style, it’s a purchase you can feel great about. But as a luxury, high quality pair under $100, it’s a purchase you can also afford.

The Perfect Sunnies for the Holidays

Big and bold sunglasses are the style for SS22, so these sunnies have dropped at the perfect moment. Get your Ivy Luxe in time to meet the trends this summer, and feel confident wearing sunglasses that make you look great, feel even better and as a bonus, won’t get tangled in that beach-loving hair.

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