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Our company's processes are founded in creating sustainable, innovative and fashionable products that allow our customers to feel great in each pair of eyewear and with each accessory. Our styles are made in three sustainable ways- through Rilsan (or castor beans) derived directly from, Mother Earth, through Recycled plastic derived from the trash and waste we leave behind every day, and through recyclable metal to contribute to our circular economy.

Our processes

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end with design and production! We also believe that as a brand committed to this cause, we need to partner with other companies that have the same goals. Through our partnership with Manifest, our products are stored only in green warehousing, and each purchase is protected by FSC-Certified sustainable packaging to ensure our compliance with all sustainability standards. We are also proud to offer carbon-neutral shipping too so each purchase can be made with a clear conscience! From begining to end , our products are created and sent to you through the most eco-friendly and ethical means possible.

Our contribution to the planet

625,204 lbs of Co2
533,700 Trees
28,134 Lightbulbs
9,378 ft of Arctic
Ice Saved
63 Cars off
the road

Sustainable Materials


Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our love and compassion for the Earth we all share. That is why our sunnies made from Rilsan (Castor Beans) are extra special - materials taken from nature to help preserve it. Rilsan is a polymer derived from castor beans which leads it to be up to 100% bio-based. Using this material to make our products allows us to have our sunglasses at 85% sustainable, with the only limit being our lenses.

Our devotion to our planet expands beyond our business model and is founded in our personal desires to see our world thrive. Traveling to the vastly different, beautiful areas and seeing the extraordinary cultures that comprise our global community, is a dream held by all of our TopFoxx team members, particularly our CEO. If we do not make every effort to preserve our natural environment, we will run out of time and chances to embrace what we all share - our planet.


As an NYC-Based brand, our team sees first-hand the negative impact we have on our planet through the immense amounts of waste we produce and leave lying around our beloved city. This is why finding ways to produce our products through recycled plastic has been a genuine goal for our brand and team, and we are proud to share these stylish, sustainable products with our customers.

We love our city, and know others share the same passion for the places they call home, so we are dedicated to making products that allow us to reduce that wasteful impact as much as possible. Made from recycled plastic, our sunglasses are up to 85% sustainable, with the only limit being our lenses. We cannot control what everyone else chooses to do, but we can control how we choose to respond. Our choice is to respond with stylish, bold eyewear - your trash becomes our new favorite style. We can’t think of a better way to appreciate our city and our planet than that.


We believe in listening to our consumers and communities to continuously improve who we are as a brand and the message we are spreading. This is why we have devoted our time to researching the best way to participate in our circular economy and ensure our sustainability mission is both realistic and long-lasting. Our metal frame styles are created from recyclable metal so when that perfect pair of sunnies no longer serves you, it can be recycled and made into a new product that gives joy to another!

While the sustainability methods available still have a long way to go, we believe in reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can - and relying on our ethical, conscious consumers to help us. Sustainability isn’t a mission for our business; it is at the core of who we are and the dreams we share. We hope you’ll join us.