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TopFoxx Wishes You a Happy Pride Month with Ivy Luxe Pride

Ivy Luxe Pride Sunglasses

TopFoxx’s newest innovative aviator has gotten a makeover, and its new look is benefitting more than your fashion sense! In honor of Pride Month, TopFoxx is launching the Ivy Luxe - Pride Edition. The studded rimmed aviator now comes with a sleek rainbow faded lens that glistens in the sun as brightly as the love we celebrate this month. These sunglasses are the perfect way to shine this summer with a unique style and even more innovative frame, being the first sustainable aviator without nose pads to prevent damaging your hair or more importantly, our planet. However, the positive impact of this new launch doesn’t stop there.

A Commitment to our NYC LGBTQ+ Community

To honor the battles we are all still fighting for our LGBTQ+ community, TopFoxx has decided to partner with the New York City Anti-Violence Project to share 20% of proceeds of all Ivy Luxe purchases in support of those who are on the ground, fighting to protect the rights of our community here in our very own backyard. The AVP is in its 40th year of outstanding, fierce work to protect the LGBTQ from the violence that has perpetrated this community for far too long. Starting from a small group of individuals taking calls over apartment landlines, to a nationally renowned organization dedicated to making our homes safer for all, the AVP has come a long way - but the fight is still ongoing

TopFoxx - Ivy Luxe Pride Sunglasses - Rainbow Lenses

Get Involved with AVP

TopFoxx spoke with Beverly Tillery, the brilliant Executive Director at New York City Anti-Violence Project, to share some insights into how we can all “come together to change the cultural norm.” This organization is far more than a hotline for targeted members of marginalized communities. AVP offers resources to educate yourself on the issues and ways to help as allies in this fight. Their blog posts share valuable insights into what is happening within these communities right now, safety tips to help keep each other and yourself safe, and through the Training and Technical Assistance Center, offering LGBTQ cultural competency through training and technical assistance.

Amongst the training offered through AVP is the Upstander Training for those allies who don’t always know how to help when this violence is visible. This free Upstander Training teaches you how to safely stand up and support those being harassed, attacked, discriminated against, or being dehumanized.

In addition to information and training, AVP also provides the Economic Empowerment Program sharing free and confidential financial and workforce development resources, Legal Services for members of the LGBTQ+ community and HIV-affected survivors, and Client Services to all violence survivors and those who love them. The resources and support provided by AVP is why TopFoxx has decided to donate 20% of all proceeds from our Ivy Luxe-Pride sunglasses to such an impactful and important organization.

We’re All Fighting the Same Battle

The AVP has joined together with NYC Against Hate to bring together marginalized communities in the fight for freedom, safety, and the basic rights to feel comfortable in one’s home. This movement to bring together LGBTQ+, Muslim, Arab-American, Jewish, Black and Brown New Yorkers is a beeming example of why we all need to stand together. This is not a fight for a singular group, but a movement that aims to give all people, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, religion or creed the right to live peacefully and love without fear.

“This is why it’s so important for allies to speak up,” says Beverly Tillery. These conversations and struggles are vast as we see the ideation of intersectionality becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. We are not fighting for one type of person, because in reality, there is simply no such thing - we are all vastly unique, multifaceted individuals, and the fight is about being able to embrace every aspect of who you are. No one should have to hide pieces of themselves for fear of retaliation, but unfortunately, that is the reality for far too many of us.

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The Message Behind Ivy Luxe Pride

As the second Pride Edition pair - the first being Bella Pride, whose proceeds benefit the Trevor Project - TopFoxx is clear on its mission for empowerment for everyone. While Pride month is an excellent way to showcase our support for our LGBTQ community, we hope you’ll join us in supporting this and every marginalized community year-round. In the words of AVP’s Beverly Tillery, if we claim to be a member of these tribes, including as allies, “be in your tribe and stay there.” That unrelenting commitment is the best support we can give, and TopFoxx is dedicated to remaining there for the long-haul, no matter how long that may take.

TopFoxx Bella Pride Sunglasses - Pride Oversized Aviators
TopFoxx - Ivy Luxe Pride Sunglasses - Rainbow Lenses
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