Mother’s Day 2022: The Perfect Gift for the Women Who Gift You Everything

Mother’s Day 2022: The Perfect Gift for the Women Who Gift You Everything

We all wonder... What is the best gift for mothers day?

What do you give the women in your life who have quite literally given you everything?  

Gift giving is hard so at TopFoxx, we want to make it easy. Shop for mom in time to ship the perfect present and don’t break the bank with our Mother’s Day Sunglasses Sale! With 30% off our best styles, you can show mom some love with confidence knowing you can afford high-quality, fashionable products that make her look good and feel great!

Our versatile styles offer a variety that can compliment anyone regardless of style or face shape. The unique designs help every wearer to feel confident, trendy and express their genuine style with every outfit! Our foldable hard cases, eyewear chains and unique cleaning cloths let you build out the perfect gift bag for travel, protection and immeasurable style.

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How to choose the correct sunglasses for a gift?

It can be a struggle to pick the correct sunglasses for the woman that gave you everything, but it's easier than you may think. The perfect pair of sunnies is the one that suits a variety of factors; Personality, Face Type, Interests, Lifestyle and many more.

We got you covered with a guide that will help you find the perfect pair of sunnies that tell the best mother in the world that you put the effort and time into picking the perfect gift for this Mother's Day.

So what Sunglasses style will fit the mom in your life?

  • For our Get-Up-And-Go mamas who don’t have time for the extensive morning routine, we suggest the Oversized Sunnies. They offer larger protection from the suns-rays, just in case she didn’t have time for that extra layer on sunscreen. These styles also air perfectly with our foldable hard cases, that fit even our largest sunnies! Check out our Oversized sunnies
  • For our trend-forecasters, we suggest the Sporty Style. Our team of designers see this one making a huge splash this summer, and we don’t mom out of the loop! Check out The RayZ Sunnies
  • For our throwback queens, gift her the narrow lens sunnies. These styles harken back to the 60’s feel and are making a tremendous comeback. Let mom live out some of her favorite years and show these kids how good they were meant to look. Check out the Cleo Sunnies

For the moms who may have a harder time moving forward with new trends, gift them our Aviator Styles. A class design with a unique twist - we don’t mom too far out of her comfort zone. Check out our Aviator Sunnies Collection  

For the sideline cheerleaders, Wayfarers are the way to go. These styles scream sports mom! But be careful - they might just take the attention off the game ;) Check out the Future Wife Sunnies

For the moms that are chick, elegant and timeless, and they know that a day at the beach tanning and enjoying a cup of wine is the best kind of day, gift them a round style pair of sunnies that will elevate every single day that they wear their pair! Check out our Round Sunnies Collection

Finally, for our moms that have always been just a little bit cooler, the cateye style is the perfect pair. Attention-grabbing and unique, but you know this mama can handle the attention. Check Out Our Cateye Sunnies Collection

Striving for Sustainable Sunglasses

We all want to look good and feel good, so with each purchase you don’t just feel confident and protected wearing our sunnies, but feel proud knowing you’ve made a genuinely positive impact. Our sustainable line is made with recycled or natural materials, stored through green warehousing methods, and shipped in FSC certified sustainable packaging through carbon-neutral shipping. As an added bonus, when you make a purchase, a pair of reading or distance glasses is donated to someone in need. Show mom that she raised you right by purchasing a gift that thinks of her and thinks of others as well!

By Women for Women

We believe in the power of powerful women - and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show some of the badass women out there just how appreciated and loved they are. This year, gift the mothers in your life the perfect pair of sunglasses for her upcoming summertime adventures and beyond! The best mother’s day gift you can buy is the gift that keeps on giving, and at TopFoxx, that’s exactly what you get! Shop now and be prepared to celebrate all the moms in your life the right way.

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