Earth Day 2022 - There’s no PLANet B

Earth Day 2022 - There’s no PLANet B

There is No PLANet B

At TopFoxx, we are constantly striving to become the best version of ourselves.

Over the past few years, we have been on a mission to incorporate sustainable, eco-friendly processes into our business, and we are so proud to be able to share our high-quality, affordable sunglasses now in sustainable materials and through eco-friendly practices!

We are on a Sustainability mission 

This mission has been about more than just building a sustainable business, and truly aligns with our beliefs as people and a brand - when we put in the work today, we help to build a better future for us and all of those around us. Which is why this Earth Day’s theme for our brand is there is no PLANet B!

What does Earth Day mean to Topfoxx?

If we don’t work together now, we will run out of time and options to preserve this beautiful planet we all love to live and explore (with our favorite pair of sunglasses!) This is why we have committed to designing and producing ethically made sunglasses that are developed using biodegradable materials like Rilsan (a polymer made from Castor Beans!) and recycled plastic or metal. At 85% sustainable we are well on our way to creating the most ethical sunglasses we can!

Sustainable Sunglasses and Green Practices

Our sustainable commitment doesn’t stop at design and production though - we have also partnered with Manifest to ensure our products are stored through Green Warehousing methods only and sent to our customers using carbon-neutral shipping and FSC Certified sustainable packaging. We are reducing our carbon footprint every way we can!

Earth Day is a wonderful celebration of the planet we all share and we are excited to celebrate this day with a special sale promoting this new eco-conscious line of trendy, designer sunglasses, but we hope you’ll join us in appreciating Mother Earth every day! Whenever you purchase from TopFoxx you are given the opportunity to donate to Eco-Cart, another proud partner of our brand, to give back even more by raising funds for the Ocean Clean-Up project, ensuring that the waste we produce (that isn’t turned into quality, fashionable eyewear) is at least removed from our oceans preserving our water and marine life.

Make the ethical choice this Earth Day and every day by choosing sustainable products from TopFoxx! We and Mother Earth thank you!

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