The Best Aviators for Women - Megan 2

Megan 2: Aviator Sunglasses For Women

TopFoxx’s Megan 2 sunglasses went viral during its launch in 2019 and has remained a best-seller ever since, with its unique yet classic look. With the increasing popularity, this style has been expanded into five fashionable colors -Faded Black, Faded Brown, Olive, Ruby and Purple - designed to be a year-round staple with its neutral shade and timeless features. A high quality, universal style designed to last, this product is perfect for the fashion lover, outdoors enthusiast, or classic style fanatic..

Sustainable Sunglasses

As TopFoxx has been transforming its brand into sustainable fashion, this style and many others are now produced with recycled metal through green warehousing methods, and shipped with carbon-neutral shipping and FSC certified sustainable packaging. When purchased, a pair of high-quality reading or distance glasses is also donated to someone in need across the globe. With so much positivity packed into this purchase, adding the Megan 2 to your collection is a no-brainer.

TopFoxx Megan 2 Black Women's Fade Aviator Sunglasses

Our Megan 2 Aviator Collection

TopFoxx - Smaller Megan 2 - Oversized Ruby Aviator Sunglasses for Women

TopFoxx - Narrow Megan 2 Olive - Aviators Sunglasses For Women

TopFoxx - Narrow Megan 2 - Purple Aviators Sunglasses For Women

TopFoxx - Narrow Megan 2 - Faded Brown Aviators Sunglasses For Women

TopFoxx - Narrow Megan 2 - Faded Black Aviators Sunglasses For Women

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