The Art of Our Hand-Assembled Pairs

The Art of Our Hand-Assembled Pairs

Curious what makes Topfoxx sunnies a much-coveted pair? We’ll tell you now—behind the final product that you are wearing (or will soon be wearing) is the journey of what truly makes it: THE PROCESS.

Sunglasses can be purchased anywhere and everywhere—that’s the convenience and curse of mass production. Here at Topfoxx, we defy that, because we care about quality and not just what looks good, but what IS great. Each one of our pairs is hand-assembled, meaning there’s a human touch in the creations we offer. Each part matters—from the well-thought out designs to the tiny details like the material of the screws we use.

We start off designing from our sketchbooks with our trusty drawing pencils. “What will a Topfoxx babe kill for?”—that’s where our brainstorming begins, and we sketch away. After selecting the best drafts, we move on to prototyping. Yes, we don’t just let a machine make our products and spew them out! We make a model, and test-wear it for a week to ensure we have not just the perfect design, but a superb experience.

Once it’s BossBabe approved, we begin with production. All parts are controlled by hand, meaning our artisans use a number of tools to assemble them manually. We cut the silhouette of our frames with our special cutting board, to make sure each part is even and precise to the style we envision. Afterwards, lenses are fitted in by hand, before the rivets are permanently screwed in to sturdily hold all the parts together. We apply a special buffing technique to each pair for that polished look you can only get with sunnies that you know went through a whole process of care in each step.

Now you know how a Topfoxx pair comes to life—will you settle for any less?

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