3 Creative Ways on How a Small Business can Thrive during COVID-19

3 Creative Ways on How a Small Business can Thrive during COVID-19

With the current global pandemic situation, it’s hard not to feel down about how this has affected the many aspects of our lives—social, emotional and yes, even financial.

We feel ya—as a small team ourselves, we are fortunate to have such an amazing community supporting us, but it has been a hurdle to restructure our way of thinking and how we operate as a company in just a matter of days.

But as a community, we’re here to help each other get through this!

Below we’re sharing a few more-than-usual tips that we hope could help lift our entrepreneurial spirits a bit.

1- Create relevance for your product

Now is the time to shine—think of why your audience should buy or avail your product or service and market them as such.

  • If you sell artisanal soaps or skincare, this can be related to self-care at home and how it is so important for overall mental health and de-stressing.
  • If you sell health supplements, this can be related to boosting immune system.

If your business is not directly with health and safety, there are always creative ways to get your audience engaged.

Are you a...

  • Makeup artist? Why not offer an online tutorial or workshop, so people can learn a new skill from home?
  • Meal-prep brand? How about creating a short online course teaching your customers simple recipes they can make themselves?

2 - Offer Gift Certificates / E-Gift Cards

If you have a physical store and can’t open shop, offering your products and services online is an alternate way to keep the business running.
Some ideas can be...
  • IGTV or Facebook Live Try-On Hauls 
  • Allowing customers to buy products via Instagram or Facebook
  • Provide customers with a virtual experience, whether that be a webinar or virtual styling appointments.

However, we understand that there may also come a time when shipping and delivery will either be hampered or halted, so being prepared for this is also important by allowing customer to buy Gift Cards.
Use this as an opportunity to present a convenient way to give a gift without leaving home or worrying about a package that doesn’t arrive on time for their loved ones.


3 - Get personal

What sets you apart from others? Why do your customers choose to shop with you? These are the important questions you want to address to your community now more than ever.

While what keeps a biz running is the income, ultimately what sustains a company is the way your customers relate to you. Now is the time to be in solidarity with others during these tough times to share your sentiments and make your brand relatable to your customers.

Ways to do this are...
  • Sending personalized emails to address customer concerns
  • Introducing you and/or your team behind-the-scenes
  • Engaging back with your audience on social media with fun polls, quizzes, and/or facts that provide value to them
Just remember BossBabes, we are all in this together! If you ever need some extra advice or support and would love to join our amazing community, join our VIP Facebook Group.
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